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Dear America


Dear America,

It’s one week until Christmas. Parents frantically race around trying to find last-minute gifts. Children snuggle in their beds with visions of sugar plums and so on and so forth and what have you. Feliz Navidad makes its final rounds.

You know as well as I do…we have made ourselves too busy this year. It’s easy to do so. One of the main prefaces of the season is spending time with others, but we have done so to the detriment of our hearts.

We equate busyness with productivity. If our time is consumed with wrapping presents, baking cookies, and singing Christmas carols, then maybe we don’t have to spend time reflecting.

The fun of Christmas is certainly not bad or evil, but we have a knack for taking something meant for good and refusing to let it stay there.

The whole point of the season is centered around a sweet, smiling baby boy born in a barn. His arrival signified the beginning of a new time. He brought hope into the world. Our Christmas would not mean anything without him.

This season, may you carve out a space in your heart for light to fill.