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I didn’t grow up wanting to be involved in missions.


I didn’t grow up wanting to be involved in missions.

I never had any intention of looking into that line of ministry.

I knew I wasn’t equipped to do that sort of thing.

I remember missionary families visiting the church my family attended when I was ten or twelve. They were only in the states for a week, and it was mostly because they needed prayers or financial assistance.

They would give a talk on Sunday morning, we’d donate our collection that week to them, and they’d be gone. It didn’t feel very real to me.

As I progressed through my teens and into early adulthood, my view of missionary work remained fairly constant. I had no real encounters with anyone who made me change my mind.

Flash forward to last year. A really dear friend of mine made the life-altering decision to venture into the mission field after college graduation. I knew her heart was there after several conversations on the topic, but I was blown away by the intense dedication she had to reach the lost.

She recently made a whirlwind trip back home for a family affair, but she shared with our church some very interesting things.

1) The percentage of unreached people in other parts of the world is RIDICULOUS. We take the gospel for granted. It’s a luxury. This pamphlet offers statistics about the unreached people in just one part of the world. It  is truly eye-opening.

2) Our hearts need to break for the lost. We should feel just as devastated that someone doesn’t know the hope of Jesus as we are that the Heat lost the NBA finals.

3) Sometimes the most influential relationship is the one we try the least to form. One of the greatest breakthroughs she shared was with her language tutor. They are together often, but my friend’s goal has not specifically been to share the gospel with this lady. It has just popped up into normal conversations they have.

It’s easy to become disconnected from the other side of the world when we are sitting in our cushy, air-conditioned living room. It’s time we became a little more involved in changing the world for Christ.