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I Bet Our Baristas Would Be Happier…


What if we were thankful for our blessings 365 days instead of just on Thanksgiving?

It would change our interactions at the coffee shop. Instead of snapping at the barista for messing up our order and making us late to work, we’d be grateful to be standing, happy to be alive, thankful for the job we’re about to go to, and maybe even happy for the fact the person on the other side of the counter has a job to help feed his or her family. Being thankful everyday would greatly shift our perspective.

Think about this: The very basis for a time of thanksgiving was created when the Pilgrims wanted to celebrate surviving a harsh winter and the year’s harvest. I was reading some information to my fifth graders the other day about this, and I believe the article said only about twenty of the original people from the Mayflower were still alive at the celebration dinner.

Can you imagine? After sailing to a new world, setting up Plymouth colony, building shelter, and establishing a new way of life, the Pilgrims had earned their time of thanksgiving. They had literally started with nothing.

You and I are great at reflecting during the holidays. All of the pretty lights, saxophone-driven music, and family gatherings do that to us I suppose.

But, what if Thanksgiving is more about getting us to say “I’m thankful” for only one day? What if the whole point is to launch a whole new attitude toward life?

I bet our baristas would be a lot happier…