A Sneak Peek


Instead of giving you a quick, bullet list of items from my novel…I thought today I would grant you insider access. That’s right, never before seen words straight from my book! Ok, so some people have actually seen it, but not many. Maybe one or two.

Parker smiled and ordered his usual large soy latte with extra foam. He walked over to a large, empty table and set his guitar down. Surveying the crowd, he noticed many of the people had not seen him walk in. They were focused on their coffee and the company. The inattention did not bother him. Oh well, he thought, at least they won’t be disappointed when I start singing. He was just about to go start looking for Joe, the manager, when he saw the older gentleman walking towards him.


So, what did you think? Be honest!


2 responses »

  1. I like it! My church just opened a coffee house, so anything about coffee (even though I don’t even drink it!) catches my attention. I would leave out “he thought” since his thoughts are in italics, however.

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