The Balance Beam


I’m in full on attack mode today. What am I attacking? I’m glad you asked dear reader. Here is your answer: my grody house.

It seriously needed a deep cleaning, and that’s what I plan on giving it. It’s like a layer of dust/nastiness settled in on it sometime when I was wasn’t looking. Why wasn’t I looking? Thank you again for asking my little, attentive readers. I was focused on my writing. When I am working on a writing project (such as a novel), I find that I just bury my head and ignore whatever undesirable things appear in my house.

I don’t want to stop writing because if I do, then it is hard for me to refocus whenever I complete the task. So the little things add up, and before I know it, I have to spend the entire day cleaning or whatever. This is not a very smart way to operate as a writer.

Pete Wilson wrote on his blog the other day that whenever we make a decision to do something, then we “cheat” something else. For instance, if I write all day, then I cheat at housecleaning. Or, if I choose to spend the night ‘unplugged’ from my computer, then I cheat my writing.

Finding balance in what you want to cheat is key. This is where our priorities kick in and persuade us. If I have a writing deadline (these are self-imposed, but I try to stick to them as much as possible) and haven’t managed my time well, then unfortunately precious things get cheated. In turn, I feel guilty for cheating them.

If I just plan ahead and keep balance in mind, then I don’t have to rush and feel guilty for it. Balance is tricky, but I know that with a little effort it can be achieved. This way we don’t cheat the things that matter most.


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