Top 5 Things I Learned at SCWC


This past weekend I attended the Southern Christian Writer’s Conference in Tuscaloosa. I had an absolute blast, and I learned a lot about the art of writing. I thought I might share a few of the things I learned.

Here are the top 5 things I learned:

5. Expect to write junk. The good words are often hiding behind the junk. It might take you awhile to peel the layers off, but you will.
4. Promote your writing. This is so popular in the writing realm right now. I just started my own Facebook author page (click on the link at the right to like the page), so I’m still learning about this.
3. Writers are cool. Getting to spend the weekend surrounded by people who do the same thing I do and struggle with the same things was a tremendous blessing.
2. Rejection is not the end. One speaker said his book was rejected 99 times and accepted on the 100th. Yeah, enough said.
1. Write what you know. Don’t push it with your writing-just write from within you about things you like and love.

There you have it…the top 5 things I learned at SCWC.

Be sure to “like” my Facebook author page by clicking on the link at the right.


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