Novel Update #2


1. Editing is rough. I keep finding stupid mistakes that I normally do not make. It’s so frustrating to have to re-read the whole manuscript, but it is necessary to polishing my writing. I don’t want to send something to agents that has a million little errors.

2. Planning on printing out a copy to pass around soon. I went ahead and printed one out to give to my mom for mother’s day, but I want to have another one to pass around if you want to check it out. So, let me know and I’ll put your name on a list! It might be towards June when I finally get done with making it nice and pretty, though. 🙂

3. Prayers are appreciated. I honestly have no clue if I will ever see this thing in a bookstore someday. I need your prayers for the wisdom to know which path to take in order to make my dream come true. They are very much appreciated.


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  1. I’d like for my name to be added to your list Tessa.
    I’m sure that you are doing a good, interesting story.

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