The Old Apple Pie Trick


There’s an old trick that people use to sell houses. If you bake an apple pie before you have open house, then it supposedly will sell quickly. Why?? Because the smell of apple pie is homey. And smell goody. It takes us back in time to our grandmother’s kitchen. Or to an old café you used to visit with your parents. It’s nostalgic.

But, notice that I said trick. Not all of those houses will smell like apple pie all of the time. Some of those places are musty, old creakers. Some of them have been through a lot of wear and tear. You can’t mask what’s underneath with apple pie.

Sometimes, I do this. Not bake apple pies to try and sell houses. I’ve never even made an apple pie before. No, sometimes I try to mask what’s underneath with the pleasant aroma of good.

And I bet you do it, too. The world tries to tell us it’s ok to be fake. Get plastic surgery. Slap on smile on that face. Just get people to like you and you’re golden.

Pastor Pete Wilson writes about this very dilemma here. He challenges you and me to choose to be real over being liked.

Ouch. This is tough for a people pleaser like me. I HATE when I have two options on my plate, and both options will be disappointing to someone. That bothers me.

But, Pete’s challenge resonated with me. I would rather be real than fake. I would rather be real than a dishonest version of myself.

And, if I’m honest, I would rather be real than liked.


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