How to Know You’re Getting Old


Working with kids, I typically have a few laughs at the many darn things they say. I’ve had a few that would make for a good episode if Bill Cosby still had the show. Most of the more recent moments have come from the disconnect between my childhood and the life they have as kids today.

For example, I taught Sunday School a few weeks ago. One kid told me he plays baseball. So, I asked him what number he was and he told me #10. Being the Braves enthusiast that I am, I said, “Oh! Are you gonna be Chipper Jones?” You should have seen the blank stare that I received. He had NEVER heard of Chipper…what in the world. Just because the guy is 40 (happy birthday by the way), doesn’t mean you write him out of the baseball world. Sheesh!

Then, yesterday (another baseball reference coming…don’t let those eyes glaze over) I was explaining to some kids about how it’s harder to admit you did something wrong than it is to actually make the mistake. I gave the example of Mark McGwire and all those guys who lied about using steroids but eventually admitted it in court. First question I got was, “who’s Sammy Sosa?”

I guess I still expect to see Chipper, Sosa, and McGwire light up SportsCenter. Kids these days…if they even watch sports at all…see Pujols, Kemp, and Jason Heyward.

Man, I feel old…


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