Being Intentional


Last week, I was not very good about sticking with my to-do list. I only ran one day. I only wrote for two days. I had a running mental list of items that I wanted to do that I kept putting off. It was almost ridiculous how bad I was last week. So, I decided that this week will be different.

My focus is being intentional.

It all starts today. I unexpectedly got asked to work the second half of the day, so I need to adjust my schedule accordingly. Since there is a certain time I have to be at school, then I know that this means getting up earlier. Yikes, I hate getting up early, but if I want to get some stuff done tomorrow, then I need to get up a little bit earlier.

I want to get a run in (don’t worry kids…I’ll do this early, so I won’t stink at school) and do some good quality writing. I hope to get up over 40,000 words this week…that’ll put me only about 25,000 out from the finish!

This week, I hope you’ll find time to get stuff done. Even if you have to get up just a little bit earlier, you’ll feel better about getting it done.


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