The Finish Line


Saturday, my sister and I did a 5K together. Originally, she was planning on walking most of the way, while I ran it. We ended up having the unique opportunity to cross the finish line together, which was great. We might be doing another one together in a few weeks. I already can’t wait!

But, that’s not what this post is about. Nope, this post is about what I told her when we stood together at the starting line. Knowing she might be a little nervous about her first 3.1 miler, I turned to her and said, “Just remember…there’s a finish line.”

That was something I needed to hear because I was so nervous about running and trying to do better that I had forgotten it would eventually be over. I would sometime get to stop and rest.

I think we often forget about our finish lines. We get so bogged down in a project that we forget it has a due date, and we’ll finish it and move on. We forget that our bad days will end. We forget that times of suffering will end.

We think they continue forever, but they don’t. There is a finish line.


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