What Nobody Says…


You will never hear anyone say this:

I’ve been working out with my trainer for a week, and now I look like the Hulk. And not the wimpy human version either…the green guy.

You also won’t hear anybody say:

I just started preparing for this marathon last week, and I’m ready to go. If they say that, they aren’t going to make it 26.2 miles…no way.


We just found out we are having a baby yesterday…and here he is today. It takes 9 months…which is a long time, just ask my sister in law.

My point is: sometimes to get something good, you have to wait and prepare for it. Trust me, I’ve been waiting on a teaching job for almost a year now. I know that when I finally get the position that is right for me, it’s going to be so GOOD!

Your turn: what is something that nobody says?


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