We Are What We Value


I read a blog post last week that got me thinking. I will try to find the link when I can get on my computer, but I am posting this from my phone right now. Anyway, the basic theme was about how we tend to value the stuff we have. The author took some time to talk about the things he valued…for instance, a coffee cup his son had brought him back from a trip. He mentioned that the reason he valued them is because of the thought and memories that go along with those items.

I could not agree more. I have several items that have been handed down to me from various family members. I treasure these items dearly. They matter more to me than the TV or the laptop or the iPhone. If something were to happen to any of those things, I coul easily replace them…sure it would take a lot of subbing, but still! But if something happened to my valued items, I would be sick to stomach for days. Because when I see those things on my counter or in my shelves, I smile because I think of a memory related to the person that gave me that item.

Today, focus on the things you value and remember the memories attached to them.

Question: what’s your favorite item in your possession?


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