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Friday Favorites


This post covers a little bit of everything, so I titled it ‘Friday Favorites.’ This will probably be a regular feature on Fridays now.

-Got up early to write again this morning.I’m hanging out with my sis-in-law and nephew later today, so I wanted to be sure to get in some good quality words. Turns out I don’t mind to willingly get up early if it involves writing. Who knew? Up to 48,100 now…which means if I continue at this pace, I will be done either at the end of next week or the start of the following week. Wowza!

Apparently, the NFL draft was yesterday. We don’t have cable right now, so I couldn’t watch it. But, here is a great link about the first round picks. There were enough trades to make your head spin. Personally, I can’t believe the Browns drafted a QB.

The Country Music Marathon is tomorrow. And the half-marathon. Which I hope to do someday. Oh, and my running hero, Ryan Hall, is going to be there tomorrow. Darn.

This video is hilarious.


Encouragement Wednesday


I do dumb things sometimes. I know, I know…that comes as a major shock to you. But, it’s true.

Take yesterday. I bought some doughnuts. I ate one…or two…or three. I can’t recall exactly (getting old, remember?). Anywho, I ate some.

Knowing full well that I would be running this morning.

I told you: I do dumb things sometimes.

Let’s just say my legs didn’t quite hold out for the full 3 miles. Way to go self. Let that be of encouragement to you: you’re not the only one who does dumb things.

How to Know You’re Getting Old


Working with kids, I typically have a few laughs at the many darn things they say. I’ve had a few that would make for a good episode if Bill Cosby still had the show. Most of the more recent moments have come from the disconnect between my childhood and the life they have as kids today.

For example, I taught Sunday School a few weeks ago. One kid told me he plays baseball. So, I asked him what number he was and he told me #10. Being the Braves enthusiast that I am, I said, “Oh! Are you gonna be Chipper Jones?” You should have seen the blank stare that I received. He had NEVER heard of Chipper…what in the world. Just because the guy is 40 (happy birthday by the way), doesn’t mean you write him out of the baseball world. Sheesh!

Then, yesterday (another baseball reference coming…don’t let those eyes glaze over) I was explaining to some kids about how it’s harder to admit you did something wrong than it is to actually make the mistake. I gave the example of Mark McGwire and all those guys who lied about using steroids but eventually admitted it in court. First question I got was, “who’s Sammy Sosa?”

I guess I still expect to see Chipper, Sosa, and McGwire light up SportsCenter. Kids these days…if they even watch sports at all…see Pujols, Kemp, and Jason Heyward.

Man, I feel old…

Being Intentional


Last week, I was not very good about sticking with my to-do list. I only ran one day. I only wrote for two days. I had a running mental list of items that I wanted to do that I kept putting off. It was almost ridiculous how bad I was last week. So, I decided that this week will be different.

My focus is being intentional.

It all starts today. I unexpectedly got asked to work the second half of the day, so I need to adjust my schedule accordingly. Since there is a certain time I have to be at school, then I know that this means getting up earlier. Yikes, I hate getting up early, but if I want to get some stuff done tomorrow, then I need to get up a little bit earlier.

I want to get a run in (don’t worry kids…I’ll do this early, so I won’t stink at school) and do some good quality writing. I hope to get up over 40,000 words this week…that’ll put me only about 25,000 out from the finish!

This week, I hope you’ll find time to get stuff done. Even if you have to get up just a little bit earlier, you’ll feel better about getting it done.

Novel Update #1


As you may know, I am in the process of writing a novel, so I thought today I would give you a little info about it.

1. It’s a contemporary fiction book-meaning it takes place in today’s time.

2. The main character’s name is Parker. I used a name that I wanted to use for my future son some day, but hubby threw it out. Therefore, it was my first choice for my character.

3. I have roughly 36,000 words currently. I plan on it being around 65,000…got some work to do there. I hope to have it done by the end of May because I’m going to a writer’s conference in June and would love to be able to shop it for publication there if I can.

4. Lastly, the most important thing that I’ve learned so far is that writing is WORK. I may not be getting paid for it right now (hopefully in the future I will), but that doesn’t mean it is not taxing. I had no idea when I first started that it would be so hard.

So there you have it…a couple of things to bring you up to date on my novel. Enjoy your Tuesday!

The Finish Line


Saturday, my sister and I did a 5K together. Originally, she was planning on walking most of the way, while I ran it. We ended up having the unique opportunity to cross the finish line together, which was great. We might be doing another one together in a few weeks. I already can’t wait!

But, that’s not what this post is about. Nope, this post is about what I told her when we stood together at the starting line. Knowing she might be a little nervous about her first 3.1 miler, I turned to her and said, “Just remember…there’s a finish line.”

That was something I needed to hear because I was so nervous about running and trying to do better that I had forgotten it would eventually be over. I would sometime get to stop and rest.

I think we often forget about our finish lines. We get so bogged down in a project that we forget it has a due date, and we’ll finish it and move on. We forget that our bad days will end. We forget that times of suffering will end.

We think they continue forever, but they don’t. There is a finish line.

If You Could See Me Now


If you guys could see me right now, you would probably have pity on me. Why? Because I look like I’ve been crying. And not just a little tear up over the fact that Peyton Manning didn’t come to the Titans. (I know…it’s been a month…get over it.) I look like I’ve had a full on, day long, good, hard cry.

But I haven’t been crying. Nope. I’ve got allergies. And they just laughed at the Claritin and Zyrtec that I’ve already taken.

The bad news is: I don’t have anything else to take. And I have a 5K Saturday…that I’ve actually put a lot of effort into.

So, I’m kinda worried. Maybe I should try and see if that honey theory works…