One Thing I’ve Learned From Reading Good to Great


Welcome to Monday peeps…don’t worry it’s a beautiful, warm, sunny one. That minimizes the Mondayness, right? As I’m writing this, I just learned that my beloved Peyton Manning is all set to sign with the Broncos, instead of my Tennessee Titans. This makes me very angry and could easily spill over into the content of this post…I will try hard not to let it.

I’m currently reading this really great book called Good to Great by Jim Collins. It’s ridiculously good, just hard to get through because it’s content-rich. I wanted to share one of the things that jumped out at me the other night. Collins was discussing how different companies approach difficult situations, either choosing to accept and work with it or ignoring the situation. He tells the story of a man named James Stockdale. He was in the military during Vietnam, only he got captured and was taken prisoner. Naturally, being a prisoner of war is a rough situation. It’s perfectly understandable to shut down and not want to do anything. Stockdale, however, did not choose this route.

He tells Collins that “not only did he know he was going to get out alive, but that he would prevail in the end.”

This is so inspiring. It is hard for me to believe that I would think this way in the same situation. He mentions how it wasn’t enough to just have faith but to take the necessary steps to making it come true. (For his situation, he joined with various POWs and formed a sort of “gang” in the camp.)

Today, live in the knowledge that you can choose to prevail in a dark situation.

How do you stay positive in difficult circumstances?



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