Fiction Fridays


Hey guys…going to start a new series Fridays called “Friction Fridays.” I will write a short story…a SHORT, short story.
Feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!

The man in funny glasses approached the counter. I hesitated to take his order, but I had no choice since it was my job.

“Good morning and welcome to Starbucks,” I said nicely. “What can we get started for you?”

“I’ll take a triple venti cappuccino dry with soy milk,” he said automatically.

I had seen him in the store several times before, but I had managed to avoid him until today. I input his order into the computer and handed him his receipt. When he thanked me, he looked straight into my eyes, as if staring into something meaningful.

I went about taking the other customers’ orders. I noticed the man took a seat in one of the big, comfy chairs to the left of the counter. He had picked up a magazine, but he appeared to be watching me instead. Some cover, I thought to myself. He’s certainly no James Bond. I walked to the back room to begin stocking the shelves for my replacement, who was due to come in in an hour. I glanced out to see if Jane, the other barista, needed my help. I noticed she was talking to the man with the funny glasses. What could he be asking her? I wondered, apparently out loud because Jane turned my way. She approached me and said that the man in the funny glasses wanted to talk to me.

Stay tuned for the next post on Fiction Fridays to find out what happens next!


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