The Second Round of Cupcakes


I’m a baking fool. Last week I tried my hand at homemade cupcakes. This week I retried my homemade cupcakes. (Last week’s cupcakes were decent, just not perfect.)

After my first round, I realized that I didn’t have the right tools to pull off a good cupcake. I wanted a second chance. So, I made a trip to WalMart a few days later. I picked up items that would make my next round better. Cupcake liners. An ice cream scoop (for transferring batter to liners). Icing bags and tips. I was ready to go.

Basically, I had to not dwell on my mistake. I had to try again if I wanted a second chance. I heard a great story about second chances recently. Hilary Scott, from country supergroup Lady Antebellum, is familiar with second chances. She auditioned for American Idol and got turned down TWICE. As a fan of the group, I cannot fathom this. To reject her one time is bad enough, but twice is crazy to me. Thankfully, she didn’t just go home and hide under the covers. She joined a group with two guys and has like a million awards now.

So, take a page from Hilary’s book and don’t give up!

Question: what’s your favorite Lady A song?


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  1. I love their new song they have out now! Sorry I can’t think of the name of it right now hahaha!! I love ur blog and I totally agree with you!!

  2. I am Lady Antebellum deficient (I may have a favorite but just don’t know it yet), but I appreciate the move from cupcakes to country music to second chances. Good message.

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