The Big Blue Bowl



This is a photo of my big, blue bowl. The big, blue bowl is big. The big, blue bowl is…sorry, felt like I was writing a children’s book there for a second.

This bowl has been holding leftovers in my fridge for two weeks. As you can imagine, these were no longer edible after about 3 days. Usually hubby eats up all of the leftovers, but I guess he didn’t want these.

Being a BIG bowl, it takes up a lot of space in my fridge. So, why did I wait so long to wash it?

Because I was lazy.

It was easier to just push it out of my way and try to squeeze items in there than it was to go outside and dump it. Life is like that sometimes. It’s easier to sit on the couch than to look for a job. It’s easier to watch TV instead of writing or playing with your kids. It’s easier to eat cookies and cupcakes instead of going outside and exercising.

Whatever your big, blue bowl situation is, I encourage you to choose the opposite of lazy. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it every time.

Question: what’s your take on the big, blue bowl conundrum?


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  1. I had to let you know that I got a giggle when I saw your post. You see, I am the author of a children’s book called, “The Big Blue Bowl.” My google alert account sent me a link to your blog. I need to get my hands on a bowl like yours for my author visits! The bowl I’m using isn’t nearly as cool as yours! Dawn

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