The Scariest Part of Writing


Whenever I pull up the screen to “add a new post” or open a new Word document, my breath quickens a bit. I am face to face with an enemy. Well not really an enemy, but not a friend either. A non-friend. Want to know what it is?

The blank page with the blinking cursor.

Sometimes I am so paralyzed by this that I just watch the cursor blink. It’s not productive. It’s not helpful. It’s scary.

To me, thinking of something worthy to write about is the scariest part of writing. There’s only one way to combat this fear: type something. I don’t care if you write “I am typing this sentence so I can write something down.” Sometimes just the act of typing will spur your brain into hyperdrive, and it will start spitting out ideas and words for you to write.

What is the scariest part of writing for you?


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