Faith, Family, & Focus Series (Part 2)


This is Part 2 in a three part series, titled “Faith, Family, & Focus.” Visit here for Part 1 and tomorrow for Part 3.

It seems like everyone has jumped on the Courageous bandwagon. So, if you’re tired of reading about it, then you are free to visit a different blog today. 🙂 (But only for today…you have to come back tomorrow) I watched the movie the other night, and it is a refreshing look at family.

In life, bad things are going to happen. Tough, but true. You can spend your life hiding from it (like that movie Blast from the Past, where the family goes underground in the 60s to avoid nuclear blowout and doesn’t emerge until the 90s). But that wouldn’t be very fun.

If you hide, you miss out. That’s the simple truth. If you hide your emotions, then you miss out on the joy you feel when something goes well.

But if you interact and engage, you have experiences that carry on with you throughout your lifetime. You get memories. You get mental photographs. You get audio running through your thoughts.

In the movie, the dads decide to play an active role in their family’s lives. Instead of settling for normal, they go extreme. Extreme as in:

  • Talking
  • Interacting
  • Running with their kids
  • Taking their daughters out to dinner
  • Sharing special moments with their families
  • Praying with their families
  • Reading the Bible with their families

 If you think this is not extreme, then good. You are doing it right.

Click the picture below to grab a copy of the movie:


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