Some Goals for the Week


As you know, I am big on goals. I mainly set big, long term goals, but I think I will try to make some weekly goals. I really should have thought these out yesterday since it was Sunday, but today will have to do!


  1. Start the Couch-to-5K program again. Do Week One. (FYI, I can’t use the weather as an excuse this week…supposed to be in the 70s some!)
  2. Work at least 2 days this week. I know that I can’t control when I get called to sub, but I wanted to write this out to remind me that I need to accept any offers for this week. Except on Wednesday, but that’s another goal! (This can include half days.)
  3. Surprise Gran Ann on her birthday. I am super excited about this one, which is why I will not be subbing Wednesday. I am really more aware these days of the time that I have with my family, so I feel this is too important to miss.
  4. Use more coupons and deal match-ups to control my grocery spending. I felt like I did a good job last week keeping it under control, and I hope to continue this progress for this week.

So that’s what is on the agenda for this week! What about you guys? Got any goals for the week that you want to share?


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