The Challenge


I’m sure many of you have created your New Year’s Resolutions by now. For that I say “bravo!” However, I want to challenge you with something. This year instead of thinking of them as resolutions…consider them items to finish. This is the concept that Jon Acuff has presented his followers with, and I have accepted this change.

Yesterday, he asked for his followers to take a photo of their “FinishYear” items written out on a piece of paper. Well since I don’t upload photos often, I am just going to type mine out here.

  1. This year, I will finish losing 20 pounds.
  2. I will appreciate the little things in life and not take anything for granted.
  3. I want to grow closer in my relationship with God.
  4. I want to get back to couponing and working on saving money.

So there you have it folks, my “FinishYear” list for 2012. I’m more hopeful about these on January 4th than I was on January 1st. Hope.


Would love to hear your resolutions for 2012…whatcha got?!


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