Perspective (Repost)


This is a repost of material that originally appeared on November 23rd. Enjoy!

So, due to some unforeseen computer issues (are those ever foreseen?), I was not able to post yesterday. It’s probably for the better because I was not very confident in what I was writing about!

I want to talk about perspective today. Because I noticed something when I woke up this morning. After two days of working this week, I woke up grateful to sleep in late. I got up and started to make the coffee when the thought popped in my head. (Really it’s surprising that anything made it’s way into my brain that soon after waking up.)

Why am I happy to have a day off today when I was so ungrateful when I had nearly a week off last week?

 And it hit me. Perspective. By Friday last week, I was ridiculously tired of sleeping in and getting up to do nothing. I even contemplated staying in bed all day. I literally had nothing to do Friday.

But today I woke up after having worked the past two days (and will be working for the next two weeks) with unbelievable energy and excitement for the day. Granted, I do have some things on my to-do list for the day, unlike last Friday. But overall, I’m significantly happier than I was last week. Perspective can play a big role in our thought processes.

Because I worked and feel accomplished, I can relax on a day off.

 Because I exercise and take care of myself, I can enjoy dessert.

 Because I studied hard, I can go out with my friends for the night.


It’s funny how perspective works.  


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