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One small step


I wrote yesterday about fear, and how if you try but fail, then you’ve still done something that a lot of people haven’t done.

Today, I want to connect this post to yesterday’s. I want to focus on that word try. How many times has someone told you about this great idea that they have? It’s easy to caught up in their idea. To brainstorm and get excited about it. But how often does that conversation stay at the dinner table or at Starbucks?

Why is it so hard to go from an idea to getting it done? Because people don’t try. It’s sad, but true. You can’t think that that book will write itself. That the painting will paint itself. That the ministry idea will transpire by doing nothing.

Nothing happens without a first step. Just. One. Small. Step.



Don’t you just hate that sinking feeling in your stomach. In your gut, you know that this plan isn’t going to work. You gave it your best shot. But, in turn, you got turned down.

You’re not thinking about it this way now, but you did something that is rare. It’s called trying.

You see, anybody can have a great idea. Just spend some time on Pinterest. There’s great ideas everywhere. But when you actually try something, then you’ve got something to be proud of. Because the gap between idea and try is this little something called fear.



So, due to some unforeseen computer issues (are those ever foreseen?), I was not able to post yesterday. It’s probably for the better because I was not very confident in what I was writing about!

I want to talk about perspective today. Because I noticed something when I woke up this morning. After two days of working this week, I woke up grateful to sleep in late. I got up and started to make the coffee when the thought popped in my head. (Really it’s surprising that anything made it’s way into my brain that soon after waking up.)

Why am I happy to have a day off today when I was so ungrateful when I had nearly a week off last week?

And it hit me. Perspective. By Friday last week, I was ridiculously tired of sleeping in and getting up to do nothing. I even contemplated staying in bed all day. I literally had nothing to do Friday.

But today I woke up after having worked the past two days (and will be working for the next two weeks) with unbelievable energy and excitement for the day. Granted, I do have some things on my to-do list for the day, unlike last Friday. But overall, I’m significantly happier than I was last week. Perspective can play a big role in our thought processes.

Because I worked and feel accomplished, I can relax on a day off.

Because I exercise and take care of myself, I can enjoy dessert.

Because I studied hard, I can go out with my friends for the night.

It’s funny how perspective works.



Greetings from the new host site for the Recreational Word Slinger!

I hope you have made the switch over here from my old website. I cannot wait to begin posting content here. You can expect the first post tomorrow afternoon.

In closing, I have some prayer requests that I want to mention. I don’t ever post these, but I thought these two deserve a mention. First, a senior from Ardmore was killed in a car wreck this weekend. His family, friends, and teachers are still reeling from the news. They need peace and comfort. Second, a little boy from Athens who has had a long battle with cancer is struggling mightily. Noah Crowe (read his story here) is in the fight of his life. He needs to be healed plain and simple. But his parents need a special prayer as well.

Thank you for indulging my desire to share those needs. Please lift them up as you talk to our Creator.